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The new edition of Groomingbox is themed “Your Shave Doctor” and is inspired by the growing old fashioned shaving trend over the world. We have noticed a huge demand for proper shaving tools. Men are exposing various razors and shaving options in social media and show their passion for shaving. We all nowadays are crazy about our beards and stubble but sometimes we just need a proper shave.

“Free yourself from shaving irritation! Our team at Groomingbox, in a collaboration with the wet shaving expert – Mark Sproston from UK, has created a complete set of 12 hot shaving products that will provide you with even a closer shave than you can imagine, a hot towel shave without any irritations. Additionally, for this grooming kit you pay less with us than in any shop you can find. Your Shave Doctor is worth € 215. You pay € 85 only, if you subscribe to Groomingbox. Mark Sproston is a great grooming guru and a professional trainer of wet shaving. We are proud to work with Mark.” – says Alicja Chlebna.

Here’s “Your Shave Doctor” kit which consists of 12 high end & original size products, for the best hot towel shave in your life:

1.  The SHAVE DOCTOR Pre Shave Face Scrub. Most men and boys do not wash or scrub their face on a regular basis and this will lead to a build up of layers of dead skin cells lying on top of the epidermis which the hair has to try and grow through. Developed to address the problems of ingrown hairs suffered by many men, the non abrasive emollient beads will scrub away the daily elements and help lift the trapped hair under the skin. Packed full of lemon tea tree oil, the wash has powerful anti-bacterial and tonic properties which deeply cleanses, refreshes and the cools the skin.

2.  DOVO SHAVETTE. Straight Razor with disposable blades. High-class straight razor with disposable blades from Dovo Solingen, Germany. The Shavette is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. Brushed silver finish in aluminium and steel. This option is good both for the beginners and pro. To help you to start with it, we attached few instructions and videos how to use the Dovo Shavette on our website. Black and red holders for blades are included. One short (to the red holder) and one long blade (to black holder). Remember to be very careful when you change the blades. Visit Groomingbox website for more instructions: Watch how Gents does it:

3.  BENJAMIN BARBER Shave Bowl. A classic shaving bowl in polished chrome, perfect for most shaving soaps or shaving creams on the market. Benjamin Barber is a fairly new brand in the universe of shaving, founded in 2013. Manufactured in Italy through solid craftsmanship and the quality of the products is upscale premium. Benjamin Barber’s vision is to combine shave perfection with bathroom style.

4.  Professional SHAVING BRUSH from Shave Doctor is handmade, made of synthetic bristle. According to Shave Doctor synthetic brush is much better because it does not absorb the shaving cream or shaving oil and you will be able to achieve the best results with that brush. Fast drying, great for travel or home. A wonderful alternative to badger or boar hair brushes, creates an extraordinary lather. Soft bristles are excellent for sensitive skin. Synthetic bristles = no animal components.

5.  GREENSMILE Shave Towel made of organic bamboo fiber. Make the towel wet and hot and cover your face with it for 30-60 seconds. It will soften your stubble, open pores, and prepare your skin for easy shaving. Did you know that bamboo is antiseptic and antibacterial? And by the way, this towel is extremely soft and absorbs water like any other towel in the world. Visit Greensmile here!

6.  The SHAVE DOCTOR Shave Gel Oil is designed to give the skin ultimate protection against the harsh elements of the razor blade heavily reducing the side effects of razor rash and razor burn. The Super thick and non aqueous shaving oil will give you ultimate shaving comfort, will help prevent the skin from drying out during and after your shave and at the same time will soften the root hair making it easier to shave out.

7.  SHAVE DOCTOR Ultimate Shave Crème. Designed like the shaving oil to give the skin ultimate protection against the harsh elements of the razor blades whilst keeping the skin lubricated and supple throughout the shave. Developed to use as a standalone or with the Shave Doctor shaving oil as a shaving system it will protect the face better than gels and foams put together.

8.  After your shave is done you need a proper skin care to calm down your skin. The SHAVE DOCTOR Aftershave Cooling Gel was designed to address the daily shaving issues like shaving rash, razor burn nicks and cuts. The plant extracts used in this product will calm the irritation after shaving, soothe and heal the skin leaving a cooling sensation for up to 30 minutes after application, heavily reduce the appearance of shaving rash and eliminating redness especially found around the neck area. Visit The Shave Doctor here!

9.  GENTS Styptic Alum Pencil from Gents.  A great invention by nature itself. Alum, mined in French quarries, has been used for centuries to stop bleeding from minor cuts. Most commonly used when shaving, alum is also used in martial arts to temporarily mend broken eyebrows resulting from heavy fighting.

10. PRORASO Styptic Gel. You may need that in case of any scratch will occur. We hope it will not happen, but it’s “just in case” gents. It is an antiseptic gel with bactericidal and healing effect to use on small cuts. Apply a small amount and leave it on for a couple of minutes until the bleeding has stopped. Rinse with cold water.

11.  SHAVE DOCTOR Moisturazor is smooth to apply and quickly absorbed. Lemon Tea Tree Oil will leave the skin refreshed & cool whilst soft and smooth to the touch. Trying to get men to use a moisturiser or balm after shaving has been a real problem over the years as we think moisturising is for women and not for men! In fact if we knew how many layers of skin we remove with every shave, we would have no hesitation in using such a product.

12.  GENTS Exclusive Voucher to – 20 % discount. To make your grooming routines fully satisfactory, we are attaching an exclusive voucher from Gents. is our favourite online store for shaving supplies, skin care and lifestyle. Gents is striving towards being the first choice for the Nordic Man when it comes to enjoying his daily routines. Visit here!

Our Groomingbox team wishes you a nice shaving time!  Please use hashtag #GROOMINGBOX and help us to find you in social media. You will be able to take a part in various contests. We will appreciate your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regarding our choice of products. It will help us to create the following editions of Groomingbox even more satisfactory for you.

Have a good Shave!
Groomingbox Team

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