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Customer Comments

“Just on my way home to Inverness after a 1 day course with Mark Sproston from Shavedoctor in Stoke on Trent and feel the need to recommend this guy to anybody wishing to learn the art of wet shaving. I could quite simply have travelled this long journey and paid it’s price 10 times over and still been just as satisfied. Mark is a top teacher and a top bloke to go with it. Brilliant!

Thank you 🙂 ”

David Fisher    Inverness   

“Firstly want to start by saying I am not the kind of person who writes comments. The reason for this is a combination of never been impressed enough to do so, always busy running my business and every other moment looking after my 2yr old Son, however here I am writing a review as I want everyone who is possibly thinking of booking a course with Mark and bringing it into their business to look no further!!

From the moment Mark walked in he is such a warm, friendly person and very approachable.

We had 30 men booked in over the 2 days for models. Each model who came in Mark made them feel so comfortable and welcome in his class, from remembering everyone’s name, advising them on their skin care at the same time teaching us to shave. He is brilliant!

Many of the models have personally called us thanking us for the shave and also commenting on Mark’s friendly personality, talent and passion.

By the end of the 2 days we have new clients on our data base loving the shaves and the Shave Doctor products.

I have been in the Beauty industry for 10years and have undergone endless training courses over the years but never received training to this standard.

We are now doing a promotion for Valentines day for the guys which is going really well, something different rather than chocolates and socks.

The girls at Beauty Temple want to say a big thank you to Mark, we all feel confident shaving now and feel we have met someone who will support us in any way only he can even though the course is complete, which is normally not the case after training as we all know!!”

Lucy Goodwin and Team from Beauty Temple    Nottingham   

“I’ve done 23 shaves in the last 2 weeks and got another 10 booked over the next few days! Absolutely loving it and so are the clients – we’ve had a few book back in for other treatments as well as the shaves and all have thoroughly enjoyed their experience –

Thanks again for your incredible training.”

Emma Stalker - Above and Beyond Therapy    Sheffield   

Just wanted to say what a great course this is! Mark was very encouraging, patient and extremely informative and clearly passionate about this treatment. The hands on, practical element of the course was quite intense but great fun and the only way to learn in my opinion. However, the most important part for me has been the support, advice, encouragement and guidance that I have received in the weeks and months following the training. This has been second to none. Nothing is too much trouble – and I have contacted them numerous times, with numerous queries!! I cannot recommend this course enough – it is some of the best training I have ever done. Thanks again Mark and Geraldine – will be in touch soon no doubt! J

Kerry Amory    Kerry Amory Nails & Beauty, Tile Cross, Birmingham    Website   

Having black skin with an in growing hair problem, I was desperate to find a solution, but after years of trying had had no success.....until I was given a sample of Shave Doctor! I use Shave Doctor Pre Shave Face Scrub and follow with Shave Doctor Cooling Gel daily. Within 4 weeks my skin had been transformed. I have no shaving rash and the in growing hairs have all but disappeared. I am just about to have my 50th birthday and my skin looks better than when I was 20! Thank you Shave Doctor. Don Nicely

Don Nicely    UK   

“Myself and my partner have just completed a 2 day training course with Mark ‘The ShaveDoctor’

I have always been nervous of the cut throat razor, even though i have been a barber for over 20 years! But Mark did exactly what he said he would and took that fear away from me.

Since then we have been so busy with shaves, it is almost unbelievable, Tom (my partner) has been shaving all week and i have been cutting hair.

I am also using the cut throat razor on the necks now and my customers love it, which is also a little touch i can now offer, thanks to Mark!

The feedback we have had is unreal…. ‘best shave i have ever had’ and ‘i shall be in every week from now on and tell everyone at work’ and so on…….

We cannot express how amazing this guy is and his training is more than 1st class! He is professional, patient and understanding and takes time to care about everyone and everything he does.

He generally enjoys helping others and passing on his knowledge, and nothing is too much trouble. The only thing we could of asked more of is ….. THAT IF MARK WORKED FOR US!”

Tom Mitchell and Tracey Campion, The Gentry Barber Shop    Gosport   

“I have no background in the beauty or grooming industry. I wanted to do something different and chose wet shaving!

Meeting Mark was a real pleasure as he was welcoming and very knowledgeable about his trade! On the first day I had learnt the theory and safety aspects, by lunch time before I knew it I was shaving models, as well as learning the craft of cut throat shaving.

Within the two days my confidence developed as I was previously a novice, now I am competent and I passed the course with a platinum award.

I would highly recommend Mark’s professional training service and the products that he has developed for the wet shave.

I like the fact that the product addressed the needs for all skin types and suitable for i.e. black skin.

Thank you Mark, I wish you all the best with your business ventures and many thanks for the training and your inspiration.”

Sabrina Knight    Manchester